From Our Clients:

E.S: “I apologize in advance because this letter is long overdue. However, I wanted to thank you all for the assistance you gave with the Nexus letter that was written and submitted for a claim that I have been fighting for 12 years. This Nexus letter was the final key piece of evidence that finally bridged the gap to help FINALLY get my claim granted. I think it is important that your customers know that even though the VA attempted to undermine the Nexus letter, the letter was bulletproof and even when forced to attend another C&P exam, the follow up provider was unable to refute the Nexus letter written by J. Gardner & Assoc. While the VA still has not gotten my effective date right, the Nexus letter resulted in a GRANT of service connection resulting in a payout in the amount of nearly $63K so far. I am confident that I will be able to finish fixing the effective date of my claim, but nevertheless the primary goal of being granted service connection has been accomplished thanks to the Nexus letter you provided. I can’t thank you all enough, and i will be recommending that people reach out to you going forward for any help they may need.”

S.K: “JGA is outstanding. Quick, clear communication and an excellent timely nexus letter at a very reasonable cost. If I need future letters I will contact JGA.”

W.D: “Hi, just wanted to say thanks to all the staff that has been a part in getting my nexus letter written. As many of of now know the VA makes you jump through hoops just to get what the VA says we are entitled to. The J Gardner and Associates has always produced a very thorough and well written nexus letter. I have many conditions that I have had for years but had never filled but this company helps you through all the steps. I just recently got my disability rating moved up 30 points and will continue to work with your company to file other disabilities. I think your communications is great and the prices you charge for your success rate are one of the best on the market. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping the veterans get what they deserve. Anyone looking for a company to write a nexus letter I highly recommend J Gardner and Associates. Thank you again for helping all of us with this process.”

B.W: “My first time using J Gardner & Assoc., I was very impressed. I highly recommend them and will definitely be using them for other claims. The communication was excellent throughout the process. This week I am happy to report that the VA service connected my medical conditions (secondary) thanks to J Gardner and Associates. If you need help with a nexus letter look no further, I highly recommend them.”

V.F: “I do not know where to start. J. Gardner & Associates (especially Jacqueline) were very easy to work with, and I couldn’t be happier with my nexus letter. I am not computer savvy, but they were patient with me and literally walked me through what I needed to do. I have been dealing with the VA for years, just for them to deny, deny, deny, even though it’s in my medical records. I have spoken to my personal doctors, who obviously do not know what language the VA is looking for or even specific words the VA wants. This will be an uphill battle with the VA, but I am glad I have J. Gardner & Associates in my corner. I’m still waiting on my rating, but I will be contacting them again to assist with a few other disabilities.”

B.B: “Friendly and professional. Up front about fees and timelines. Far and away the best IMO company out there. I explained what I needed, sent records and statements and had my nexus letter a month later.”

J.P: “I was deeply moved by both letters and couldn’t help but cry. Having someone write on my behalf and truly understand and support my pain and experiences is incredibly humbling. I’m immensely grateful to all of you for supporting us veterans. Thank you for your understanding and for your service and May God continue to bless you and your team for all that you do.”

M.S: “I am glad that I reached out you (MY VETERAN NEXUS LETTER).I have been dealing with the VA since 1984 and it has been a job and a half. I was at 90 percent and couldn’t get over the hump. Well, with the Nexus letter the they wrote it was the answer. They also added other condition that I had that I didn’t request. With that other information I was able to use the Nexus twice for two different claims at the VA. I now get a SMC from VA. The price and time is the best deal out there. I have looked at a lot of companies and this company is the best. I have went to QTC physical and the doctors there was impressed the way my Nexus Letter was written. I us this company’s Letter for me and shows is to different VSO. They are amazed with the content, price and turnaround time. I will be praising your services as long as I am living. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”

K.K: “If you’re on the fence or feeling confused about which organization to hire to write your nexus letter then look no further. J. Gardner & Associates is ran by a veteran, for veterans. The speed and quality that you get with this organization is unmatched, especially at the price point. J. Gardner & Associates could easily charge more for their services but they’re here for us, to help us win our claims. As a stranger on the internet, they helped me and I can’t recommend them enough. If you’re debating between nexus letter consultants like I was, you can’t go wrong picking J. Gardner & Associates.

I contacted them on a Saturday night and told them I wanted the urgent delivery. I had a nexus letter sent by Monday morning. The email was actually sent at around 1 AM. So, the provider who wrote my letter took the time and had the dedication to ensure my letter was completed on a Sunday night. That was nothing short of incredible to me and I am deeply appreciative because I’ve been struggling for a few years and this organization has helped me see some light at the end of the tunnel.”

M.S: “Thanks to the great folks at J. Gardner & Assoc. for writing up such a high-quality Nexus letter for me. They were flexible with the payment structure and accommodating with the timing around the completion of the letters. The staff was professional, they responded to all my correspondence in a timely matter, and more importantly, their medical expertise around my conditions and the VA subject matter as a whole was top-notch.  I would definitely use their service again.”

J.S: “Thank you for providing me with an extremely well written Nexus Letter at a great price. I’m pretty confident that the VA will approve my disability because of it. Thank you for providing me with clear communication during the whole process. I will definitely be seeking your services again in the future.”

E.E: “The letter was very well written. The review of all documents was very thorough. The use of existing opinions from many reputable sources was amazing. Finally the final opinion was very well written. I submitted my claim late June an 5 days later I received a letter stating VES was going to
Do a review of my records. As of now I’m still waiting for a decision. But I feel good about it.
When I get a final decision I will let you guys know.
Thank you so much.”

R.T: “Thanks to J. Gardner & Associates, received positive results from a well written nexus letter providing medical / scientific data with a professional opinion backing my secondary OSA claim. I highly recommend this firm if you’re seeking VA disability claim assistance. The exceptional service provided by My Veteran Nexus Letter is in a class of its own.”

J.Z: Your company and your specialist did a wonderful job. I am very pleased with your efforts. I only hope that the judge who hears my appeal will be as understanding and as reasonable to me as your staff has been to me. Thank you for all of your help.”

D.D: “I highly recommend that you use J. Gardner for your Nexus Letter! I had a bad experience with a previous company and was hesitant to try it again. What I received was more than I expected. It was very professional and complete. I can guarantee that the product that you receive will be a great value for the money.”

J.H: “Let me say to all my Veteran brothers and sisters, that if you are in need of a Nexus Letter to aid in your VA claim, call on J. Gardner & Asso. Gather up your records, organize them, summarize your case and turn it over to them. The Letter I got for my claim was an excellent professionally written document. Ms. Gardner used citations from medical journals to support her opinions on each of my claims. The whole experience with J. Gardner & Associates was positive. Communications were prompt and the completed review and finished Letter was done in a timely manner. I am expecting a positive outcome on my claims. I appreciate the care and considerations given by Ms. Gardner and her team. Another good factor is that the team are also Veterans.”

A.E: “100% disability approved! I know this would not have been possible without Miss Gardner, and her team. Even through my frustrations with the system that had nothing to do with Miss. Gardner she remained professional. The information she provided in my Nexus Letter was well written, and directly supported my disability claim. Veterans for Veterans. Thank you Miss Gardner.”

B.M: “My contacted Miss Gardner in May of 2022 regarding a Nexus letter for restless leg and sleep apnea. The letter was fabulous it also helped me achieve my 100% total and permanent disability. I cannot thank them enough for their help if you need anything I highly recommend these professionals to help you out.”

D.F: “First time in my life, that I was loss for words of expression. The timely response, the quality, the follow ups, and professionalism of your services, deserves the best rating of the highest. I’m elated with happiness and peace for a job well done. Thank you, thank you!”

B.Z: “First off I want to thank you again for your help in writing my nexus letter for me back. I found out today service connection was finally awarded after 12 years and 2 denials!!! My overall rating moved from 40% in 2020 to 70% in 2021 and now I’m at 90%. My back was rated at 10% but my main concern was just getting it connected. I am so grateful to you and my legal team for getting me here. I am a little in shock and a bit emotional but I wanted to make sure I updated you as promised. Thank you thank you thank you again and for all you do to help veterans get what they deserve.”

W.J: “I have so far received 2 of the 3 letters that I have requested from J Gardner and Associates. The timely response had surprised me. They were on it almost in an instant. Every expeditious response was very professional while being personable at the same time. I was able to ask questions, and they were explained in the most simple manner. I foresee myself referring my fellow veterans to JGA in the near and far future. It really is nice to have our fellow veteran brothers and sisters looking out for us. Thank you Jacqueline for your military service and for the continuing service you provide.”

T.P: “Outstanding response time and communication. I received my nexus letter in extremely fast time. My doctors would not take time to write a nexus letter. I reached out to several places for a letter to be written and JGardner responded the next morning. It was a matter of days and my nexus letter was completed. JGardner is also the fairest price I could find on the internet If you’re in need of a letter I definitely recommend JGardner and Associates. You will be glad you did. Thank You JGardner for the high quality letter and extremely fast service.”

R.H: “I am so pleased to have found J. Gardner & Associates. I’ve been attempting to file my VA disability claim for many years. I finally realized that a nexus letter was the critical piece that I was missing in my claim. J. Gardner & Associates conducted a thorough review of my medical records and provided a compelling nexus letter written by a board-certified physician who has experience as a C&P examiner. Communication was excellent throughout the process of working with the firm and they always quickly responded to my email messages. I found it very helpful that they gave me a realistic timeframe for when I could expect my records to be reviewed. Once I provided my medical records, the turnaround was quick. I highly recommend J. Gardner & Associates and only wish that I had found the firm sooner.”

K.L: “PA-C J. Gardner seems genuinely concerned about giving Veterans excellent service with high quality and affordability. I have been working on my VA claims, off and on for over ten (10) years. I had been looking for someone to write a Nexus letter for my claim however, many of the lawyers and or medical providers were charging outlandish prices. Then I found PA-C. J. Gardner. She had reasonable prices and not only that, concerning work, she was; approachable, professional, patient, prompt, tenacious, friendly and an effective communicator. I felt as if she genuinely cared about my case. I have not met many people in her position that offer services that put the people they serve over high sums of money however, she sincerely seems like she does what she does to make a difference in people’s lives. There was a lot of “hurry up and wait”, concerning me gathering information for my case however, she did not give up helping me [for about eight (8) months]. I was sincerely moved by her compassion. A lot of people in positions of influence do not care about injured Veterans. She does. She gives back to the Veterans by giving them great service and it seems she has a sincere willingness to help Vets receive a quality Nexus letter. She could charge more for her time and work and it would still be fair. She works and has a family but still manages to get these things done. I recommended her firm to my DAV representative and also told another service provider about the PA-C that wrote my Nexus letter. Truly, I am very thankful for her help. Even if the decision were not to go the way I wanted it to [even though I feel as if I have a strong case and a thorough Nexus letter], I appreciate the time and effort that was put into my case. If you are looking for a qualified PA-C, look no further. You’re at the right place!”

D.D: “I couldn’t be happier with My Veteran Nexus Letter. I’m glad I found them and the nexus letter they provided was well-written, as well as containing the language that the VA is looking for. I will never be sorry that I chose them!”

N.T: “It is a veteran owned/operated company and more affordable than other Nexus Letter writing services. Jacqueline was extremely helpful from start to finish and very professional and courteous. Willing to answer any questions I had prior to committing to the service. The letter was exactly what I needed. Very descriptive, to the point, and the service was very prompt. I couldn’t be any happier with the choice I made with their service.”

J.N: “I could not be happier with Dr. Gardner. After being denied my claim, I reached out to my physician for a Nexus letter and they were unclear on what it was I needed. I researched and found My Veteran Nexus Letter with excellent reviews. Dr. Gardner was very clear on what to expect and the cost. Prior to my claim, she had not prepared a nexus letter for what I was claiming and said it would take some time to research. She got back to me right away that she found medical evidence to back my claim. The whole process of her researching my medical records and writing an excellent medical-backed Nexus letter went smoothly. Needless to say, my appeal was a success and I definitely recommend anyone in need of a nexus letter to use her service. Thank you!”

H.B: “I was planning to give J. Gardner & Associates, L.L.C. a 5-Star Rating regardless how BVA would rule on my claim. J. Gardner’s fees to complete a review of my VA & Medical Records to determine if they could write a Nexus letter was extremely reasonable and so were their fees for preparing an excellent Nexus Letter. Their letter is backed up by their medical experience, commonly known medical literature as well as results from case studies by single or groups of physicians. If possible, they will try to list at least three or more conditions on one nexus letter. Other firms I spoke with wanted to charge you several hundred dollars for a separate letter for each condition. This group of folks are veterans, are very friendly, easy to work with, and very customer oriented. I was able to speak with someone whenever I phoned Ms. Gardner’s office or if I left a message, I usually had a call back the same day; same with my emails to them. After I reviewed my Nexus Letter from them, I asked Ms. Gardner if they could make an addition to my letter. No problem, they added my change, and I had the revised letter back later that same day. Although 5-Star Rating is max, I must give them a 10-Star Rating because: I was in a jam when I asked J. Gardner & Associates for help; it was during the holiday season, and I had less than 30 days to obtain a Nexus letter; I had exhausted all appeals except this last one with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. J. Gardner came thru with the letter at very reasonable cost so I could get it to BVA before my time ran out. In the BVA decision, the Judge reiterated the weight of the sections contained in the nexus letter prepared by FCK, a P.A. with J. Gardner & Associates. During the last week, I received a copy of the BVA Judge’s decision: All three (3) conditions approved as listed on my initial claim of May 2004. My initial injury was December 1968. I wish I had known to contact J. Gardner & Associates early on to help with a nexus letter. USAR & GAANG.”

B.F: “I wanted to pass on my success with you, I went from 40% to 80%, the nexus written received numerous positive best written they ever seen comments.”

T.R: “Very fast efficient service. There are no surprises on fees. J Gardner not only provides her expert opinion, but backs it up with medical and scientific research.”

R.C: “Jacqueline is simply the best! The VA process is designed to minimize your injuries and frustrate you until you give up. Thank God for Doctor G. She listens, she’s honest and she’s affordable. Before you waste time and money on anyone else, give Dr. G a call.”

A.C: “This nexus letter is dynamite they thoroughly reviewed my entire c-file to find all the facts. Great job!”

M.G: “Thank you so much for helping with my VA claim. You were very straight forward and honest. Also, you were very quick to answer any questions that I had. I highly recommend others who are looking to get help with their VA claim to come here. Thank you very much!”

N.R: “I am beyond happy that I reached out to My VA Nexus Letter. After searching everywhere for options to help me fight the VA for my conditions that were clearly service connected. I decided to have a medical professional review my case and give their opinion. At first I got discouraged because everywhere I found wanted to charge over $1,000 to review my records and write a letter, not including all the other fees they wanted to add for each additional condition. Somehow I got lucky and stumbled on this company and found that it was by far the most affordable option. At first I was very hesitant because of course I assumed it was too good to be true, but I couldn’t be more wrong. Jacqueline reviewed my entire record and wrote a detailed letter containing every condition (there was a lot) and how it was connected to my military service. Not only was she able to provide her medical opinion she added a ton of sources that supported her findings. I was expecting a quick generic letter and ended up getting a detailed three page letter that went over all of my conditions. I am still waiting on my decision from the VA, but after looking over the letter I don’t see how anyone could argue that my conditions are service connected. I couldn’t ask for a better company and the communication during the whole process was amazing. She answered all of my questions quickly and made sure she reached out if she had any questions about my medical history. Jacqueline is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help writing a nexus letter.”

D.S: “One of the hardest parts of the claim process is getting a nexus letter. This was my first time using J Gardner & Assoc. and I was very impressed. I submitted two of my claims to her because I wanted to see the product. If you need a letter, I highly recommend this company. Additionally, the price is good compared to some other businesses. I will definitely be using her for the rest of my claims.”

R.P: “Dr. Gardner is the best! She was very patient with me and explained the entire process in the simplest terms. She even assured me upfront that if my paperwork and medical evidence didn’t support the cause of a Nexus letter, she wouldn’t complete the letter and I wouldn’t be charged. I was also highly impressed by the professionalism demonstrated in the letter and during her phone calls and email correspondences. I am glad that I found her info and am more than happy to let the audience know that this company is worth the money. No hidden fees, no surprises, and no misleading conversations and requests. If you truly need a Nexus letter, use this company :)”

S.T: “I loved working with Dr. G. She is kind, professional, and a good listener. She was thorough in her research of my conditions and in reviewing my medical records. She was willing to answer all of my questions. Our meeting on Teams went exceptionally well. She even returned the file of my medical records that I sent to her. The small amount she charges is a fraction of what a lot of other people charge, but the end result if worth more than gold. I would recommend her services to anyone. I believe that because of the way she put things into perspective within my letter, and the records that I submitted, made a huge difference with the VA being able to process my fully developed claim in two months time, without requesting more evidence. If you are being honest about your issue(s) and have medical documentation, you can’t go wrong with trusting her to help you the best that she can.”

J.T: “Jacqueline was very responsive and extremely helpful. She provided clear instructions and she was able to walk me through the process. The letter that was provided was backed by established scientific studies and it was tailored to my situation. I really appreciate her assistance.”

T.W: “After a long time of research and trying to figure out who is able to do Nexus letters I came across J Gardner and Associates. Very responsive via email, called a discussed what I was tying to get a Nexus for. I am highly pleased with the results. Fingers crossed VA finally will pay attention to the condition.”

J.B: “If anyone needs a nexus letter I would highly recommend Jacqueline to do one for you. I was looking for a person to do my nexus letter but without breaking the bank. The price that I got from Jacqueline compared to others was very comfortable and affordable. Communication was great between parties. What’s great about Jacqueline is that she is a veteran and understands what we went through in the military because she is one of us. I have been out of the military for about 35 years and did not have anything on my medical records that I can think of. I needed a service connection to my condition. I sent her all my documentation I had from all my doctors, a bunch of buddy letters, DBQs, pictures of my job description and publications. She reviewed everything and if she feels she can do something she will let you know. In my case I had a lot of supporting documents to go ahead and have Jacqueline write a Nexus letter. I feel that she did above and beyond the price. So well worth it. The Nexus letter does not guarantee and increase in your rating but you have a greater chance to get one with a Nexus letter than without one. To me I see it as an investment for my future and my families future. Jacqueline is highly qualify and has the credentials to write a Nexus letter. Ty…😁

R S: “I am so glad that I reached out to My Veteran Nexus Letter (J Gardner and Associates). Frustrated with local physicians not able to get to schedule an appointment or never responded to my calls or emails. After days of research, I was drawn to My Veteran Nexus Letter for several reasons. It is a veteran owned/operated company and more affordable than other Nexus Letter writing services. Jacqueline was extremely helpful from start to finish and very professional and courteous. Willing to answer any questions I had prior to committing to the service. Having an open line communication from start to final product was very important to me . My IMO report is remarkable! I HIGHLY recommend My Veteran Nexus Letter (J Gardner and Associates).”

J S: “If you’re needing help with a nexus letter for your VA disability claim, do not hesitate to contact My Veteran Nexus Letter. Not only is she a veteran herself, but she understands what the VA needs to get your conditions service connected. I had tried on my own for over 2 years to get my conditions service related with no luck. After asking my doctors to write a nexus letter numerous times I gave up as they said they don’t do nexus letters even though I provided them with a template to follow. At that point I starting searching for medical professionals to write a nexus letter for my appeal claim. I decided to go with My Veteran Nexus Letter (J Gardner and Associates) after speaking with Jacqueline and knowing she was a veteran herself and understood the process very well. My Veteran Nexus Letter was not only more affordable than other companies I considered but in my opinion you couldn’t ask for a more thorough and professional physician to complete the nexus letter. I had 5 conditions that Jacqueline reviewed and covered in the nexus letter. Communication was fantastic throughout the process and the letter was completed quickly. Just this last week I am happy to report that the VA service connected all 5 of my medical conditions and this is all thanks to J Gardner and Associates. If you need help with a nexus letter look no further, I highly recommend My Veteran Nexus Letter.”

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