From Our Clients:

R.P: “Dr. Gardner is the best! She was very patient with me and explained the entire process in the simplest terms. She even assured me upfront that if my paperwork and medical evidence didn’t support the cause of a Nexus letter, she wouldn’t complete the letter and I wouldn’t be charged. I was also highly impressed by the professionalism demonstrated in the letter and during her phone calls and email correspondences. I am glad that I found her info and am more than happy to let the audience know that this company is worth the money. No hidden fees, no surprises, and no misleading conversations and requests. If you truly need a Nexus letter, use this company :)”

S.T: “I loved working with Dr. G. She is kind, professional, and a good listener. She was thorough in her research of my conditions and in reviewing my medical records. She was willing to answer all of my questions. Our meeting on Teams went exceptionally well. She even returned the file of my medical records that I sent to her. The small amount she charges is a fraction of what a lot of other people charge, but the end result if worth more than gold. I would recommend her services to anyone. I believe that because of the way she put things into perspective within my letter, and the records that I submitted, made a huge difference with the VA being able to process my fully developed claim in two months time, without requesting more evidence. If you are being honest about your issue(s) and have medical documentation, you can’t go wrong with trusting her to help you the best that she can.”

J.T: “Jacqueline was very responsive and extremely helpful. She provided clear instructions and she was able to walk me through the process. The letter that was provided was backed by established scientific studies and it was tailored to my situation. I really appreciate her assistance.”

T.W: “After a long time of research and trying to figure out who is able to do Nexus letters I came across J Gardner and Associates. Very responsive via email, called a discussed what I was tying to get a Nexus for. I am highly pleased with the results. Fingers crossed VA finally will pay attention to the condition.”

J.B: “If anyone needs a nexus letter I would highly recommend Jacqueline to do one for you. I was looking for a person to do my nexus letter but without breaking the bank. The price that I got from Jacqueline compared to others was very comfortable and affordable. Communication was great between parties. What’s great about Jacqueline is that she is a veteran and understands what we went through in the military because she is one of us. I have been out of the military for about 35 years and did not have anything on my medical records that I can think of. I needed a service connection to my condition. I sent her all my documentation I had from all my doctors, a bunch of buddy letters, DBQs, pictures of my job description and publications. She reviewed everything and if she feels she can do something she will let you know. In my case I had a lot of supporting documents to go ahead and have Jacqueline write a Nexus letter. I feel that she did above and beyond the price. So well worth it. The Nexus letter does not guarantee and increase in your rating but you have a greater chance to get one with a Nexus letter than without one. To me I see it as an investment for my future and my families future. Jacqueline is highly qualify and has the credentials to write a Nexus letter. Ty…😁

R S: “I am so glad that I reached out to My Veteran Nexus Letter (J Gardner and Associates). Frustrated with local physicians not able to get to schedule an appointment or never responded to my calls or emails. After days of research, I was drawn to My Veteran Nexus Letter for several reasons. It is a veteran owned/operated company and more affordable than other Nexus Letter writing services. Jacqueline was extremely helpful from start to finish and very professional and courteous. Willing to answer any questions I had prior to committing to the service. Having an open line communication from start to final product was very important to me . My IMO report is remarkable! I HIGHLY recommend My Veteran Nexus Letter (J Gardner and Associates).”

J S: “If you’re needing help with a nexus letter for your VA disability claim, do not hesitate to contact My Veteran Nexus Letter. Not only is she a veteran herself, but she understands what the VA needs to get your conditions service connected. I had tried on my own for over 2 years to get my conditions service related with no luck. After asking my doctors to write a nexus letter numerous times I gave up as they said they don’t do nexus letters even though I provided them with a template to follow. At that point I starting searching for medical professionals to write a nexus letter for my appeal claim. I decided to go with My Veteran Nexus Letter (J Gardner and Associates) after speaking with Jacqueline and knowing she was a veteran herself and understood the process very well. My Veteran Nexus Letter was not only more affordable than other companies I considered but in my opinion you couldn’t ask for a more thorough and professional physician to complete the nexus letter. I had 5 conditions that Jacqueline reviewed and covered in the nexus letter. Communication was fantastic throughout the process and the letter was completed quickly. Just this last week I am happy to report that the VA service connected all 5 of my medical conditions and this is all thanks to J Gardner and Associates. If you need help with a nexus letter look no further, I highly recommend My Veteran Nexus Letter.”

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