Consultation: $25 (+Credit Card/Bank Fees)
This is on a case by case basis and if you’ve read our website probably isn’t even needed. Please read our FAQ page and our How It Works page before contacting us to help avoid this fee.

Medical Record Review (organized): $100 (+Credit Card/Bank Fees)
You know your medical history better than anyone. If you go through your medical record and separate  pertinent information, the fee is $100.  (Legally we must review your entire record.)
Medical Record Review (unorganized): $250+ (+ Credit Card/Bank Fees)
We all have a huge stack of medical records. The size of that stack varies by many things, ie. time in service, number of visits to medical, etc. If we go through every page of your 1500 pages of medical records and it’s out of order, unorganized, pages missing, etc that obviously requires more time on our part.
Fee will vary based on number of conditions and number of pages needing to be reviewed. Price will be agreed upon before we proceed with the review.

Nexus Letter: $600 (+Credit Card/Bank Fees)
Letters will not be generated until payment for records review has been received.
Letters will be written and delivered via the email address you provide. Your .pdf letter will have a password that will be sent to you AFTER payment for the letter is received.

Rushed Services: $50 (+Credit Card/Bank Fees)
Letters are written mostly on a first come first serve basis. We understand that some people find themselves under a deadline and if our client priority list aligns so that we can accommodate a rushed service a $50 fee is charged. This is always agreed upon before the letter is written.

Rebuttal Letter: $100 (+Credit Card/Bank Fees)
Our goal is to always produce a letter that will get a veteran’s claim approved the first time, but anyone who has dealt with the VA claims process can tell you that that is not always how it works. If a client is denied and would like for us to write a rebuttal letter then we will be happy to help.

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